Key information : 
74 cm (l) x 40 cm (d) x 72 cm (h), metal, about 1949


This model has been purchased by the Fabbri family in the early years post-war (after rebuilding the factory that has been destroyed) for the family food outlet. QThis machine was used for weighing all kinds of food (sugar, coffee and pasta that was sold at retail). The object has been then passed down through the family until today. You can read the following entry on the quadrant : “Ditta (firm) Macchi Francesco Santo Stefano (Varese)”. 

Until the 1950s, the automatic weighing scales had two plates with weights with a fan-shaped quadrant just like in this case. Subsequently, in particular with the arrival of the Berkel company, we moved to one plate weighing scales and progressively, with a circular-shaped quadrant. 

Inventory number : 018.103