In 1959-1960, Pastificio Fabbri permanently moved to its current headquarters at no. 18 in Piazza Emilio Landi, where the stables were once located. The works lasted two years and the company reopened in 1961. In 1965, Giovanni (great-grandson and namesake of the founder of the family business) began working at the Pastificio alongside his father Renzo, at the age of 16. To this day, Giovanni Fabbri continues to monitor the correct production of the pasta and its drying process

Owner of the Pastificio:

Renzo Fabbri (grandson of Giovanni, the company founder) together with his father Livio, who died in 1966

Hourly wage of the Pasta-maker in 1961:

139.55 lire for women / 183.40 lire for men

Hourly wage of the Pasta-maker in 1965:

234.25 lire for women / 284.95 lire for men

Pastificio monthly payroll from November 1961 to October 1965 (Giovanni Fabbri Museum)

Pastificio monthly payroll from November 1965 to October 1969 (Giovanni Fabbri Museum)

The pasta-makers (1961-1969)

Miniati Giovanna, daughter of Federico, born in Greve on 15 March 1925. Employment start: 1 March 1945. Employment end: 30 June 1968

Pratesi Orlando, son of Pietro, born in Greve on 22 October 1915. Employment start: 1 September 1951

Vitali Fortunato, son of Antonio, born in Bagno a Ripoli on 26 April 1927. Employment start: 5 March 1953

Lapini Dino, son of Giovanni, born in Greve on 24 October 1920. Employment start: 1 January 1955

Lapini Franco, born in Greve on 27 November 1935. Employment start: 20 October 1959.


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