During the 1950s, the Pastificio was located at no. 6-7 of Piazza Emilio Landi, that is, just a few metres from the original headquarters (no. 1-2-3-4) where the mill, bakery and grocery store were also located. From that moment on, the family business focused only on pasta making. To support this development, Renzo Fabbri (third owner of the Pastificio) purchased an improved model of the company’s first continuous “Cantini” press in 1958, which still allows the company to produce pasta with an ancient flavour today. Renzo hired three new employees to replace the first generation of pasta-makers and to face the growth in demand.

Owner of the Pastificio in 1954:

Renzo Fabbri (grandson of Giovanni, the company founder) joined his father Livio

Hourly wage of the Pasta-maker in 1954:

27.33 lire for women / 45.82 lire for men

Pastificio monthly payroll from May 1954 to March 1958 (Giovanni Fabbri Museum)

The pasta-makers (1950-1958)

Falciani Berlindo, son of Fernando, born in Strada on 12 July 1889. Employment start: 3 April 1924. Employment end: 30 June 1952

Parrini Narciso, son of Raffaelo, born in Strada on 29 September 1891. Employment start: 1 October 1921.Employment end: 1 July 1957

Miniati Giovanna, daughter of Federico, born in Greve on 15 March 1925. Employment start: 1 March 1945

Pratesi Orlando, son of Pietro, born in Greve on 22 October 1915. Employment start: 1 September 1951

Vitali Fortunato, fson of Antonio, born in Bagno a Ripoli on 26 April 1927. Employment start: 5 March 1953

Lapini Dino, son of Giovanni, born in Greve on 24 October 1920. Employment start: 1 January 1955


SA A3 5, Monthly Payroll, May 1954-March 1958, Giovani Fabbri Museum