Founded in 1893 at number 33, Piazza Emilio Landi in Strada in Chianti, Pastificio Fabbri moved to numbers 1-2-3-4 of the same square in the early 20th century, where the “Electric Pasta Factory” was built. In the 1930s, the Fabbri family also owned a mill, bakery and grocery store. And so we also find the professions of miller and baker next to the pasta-maker in the employee register of 1937.

Owner of the Pastificio in 1937:

Giovanni Fabbri (founder and first owner) accompanied by his sons Livio and Lionello

Hourly wage of the Pasta-maker:

2.63 lire in 1937 (3.25 lire in 1944)

Hourly wage of the Pasta-dryer Assistant:

1.90 lire in 1937 (2.35 lire in 1944)

Hourly wage of the Miller:

2.14 lire in 1937 (2.63 lire in 1944)

Register with the personal details and salaries of Pastificio employees from 1933 to 1958 (Giovanni Fabbri Museum)

The employees in 1937

Goli Carlo, son of Pietro, born in Strada on 7 March 1873. Employment end: 31 August 1949. Profession: Pasta-maker.

Parrini Narciso, son of Raffaelo, born in Strada on 29 September 1891. Employment start: 1 October 1921. Employment end: 1 July 1957. Profession: Pasta-maker.

Falciani Berlindo, son of Fernando, born in Strada on 12 July 1889. Employment start: 3 April 1924. Employment end: 30 June 1952. Profession: Pasta-maker.

Parrini Cristoforo, son of Raffaelo, born in Strada on 23 July 1907. Employment start: 22 July 1924. Employment end: 5 May 1931. Profession: Baker.

Goli Ernesto, son of Carlo, born in Strada on 8 October 1912. Employment start: 16 July 1935. Profession: Pasta-dryer Assistant.

Daddi Raffaello, son of Luigi, born in Campi on 17 April 1876. Employment start: 28 July 1935. Profession: Miller.

On 15 February 1938 the company founder Giovanni Fabbri died, followed shortly afterwards by his wife, Maria Palmira Batacchi (died 7 August 1938). The company was consolidated among the children: Livio inherited the Pastificio while Lionello saw to running the mill, bakery and grocery store. Lionella, the last daughter, received an annuity from her brothers.


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