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68 cm (l) x 126 cm (w) x 180 cm (h), wood, second half of the 19th century


The kneading machine comes second in the production cycle of pasta : after the mixing of the raw materials and before the shaping of pasta with the extrusion press. Called “gramolazione” in italian, the kneading processing can be defined as a sort of «massage» that allows the water to penetrate uniformly the dough, making it smoother and more homogenous.

Two people were required to carry out the work : usually a man operated the bar while a woman, sat on the seat, moved and arranged the dough between two motions of the bar, repeating this process until the dough was kneaded. This machine was used for both production of bread and pasta. At the end of the Nineteenth century, this object was widespread across Italy.

Bibliography : La Vigna, pubblicazione trimestrale della biblioteca internazionale La Vigna, Anno 8 – Numero 30, 2015, 75 p.
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