Key information: 
22 Cm (l) X 14 Cm (d) X 15 Cm (h), cast-iron, wood and iron, about 1880


In America, at the end of the Nineteenth century, the tailors used machines to make ruffles and pleats, very popular at that time. Those “fluters” or “fluting machines”, were also sold for domestic use.

This machine was manufactured by the the North Brothers Manufacturing Company (created in 1878), an american producer located in Philadelphia, specialized in the production of hand tools and home appliances. They are better known for the “Yankee”, brand of ratcheting screwdrivers.
This model has was inspired by the famous “Dudley Fluter, patented 4 years earlier, in 1876. The apparatus came with a kit of 4 heating iron with clamps to use it.

Inventory number: 018.135