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Mangle or clothing wringer

Key information:  Model 3001-2 from the swedish company Norrahammars Bruk, 65 Cm (l) X 40 Cm (d) X 63 Cm (h), wood and metal, about 1930-1940   A Mangle (or [...]

Fluting machine

Key information:  22 Cm (l) X 14 Cm (d) X 15 Cm (h), cast-iron, wood and iron, about 1880   In America, at the end of the Nineteenth [...]

Chitarra for spaghetti

key information:  58 Cm (l) X 25,5 Cm (w) X 10 Cm (d), wood and iron, Mid 18th century - mid 19th century   AApparatus used to make [...]

Precision weighing scale

Key information:  57 Cm (w) X 36 Cm (d) X 55 Cm (h), iron and brass (all handmade), 19th century   This piece is composed of a lever [...]

Cheese and bread grater

Key information:  34 cm (l) x 27 cm (d) x 10 cm (h), wood and iron, sec. XX, first half of the 20th century   Cheese and breader grater [...]

Manual stone grinder

Key information :  42 cm (d) x 17 cm (h), stone and iron, 19th century   Transportable grinder made of stone that was used in large-scale kitchens to [...]

Grandma’s tomato sieve

Key information :  52 cm (l) x 27 cm (w), wood and metal, late 19th century – early 20th century   The sieve (also called «riddle», or «flour [...]

Ebullioscope of Malligand

Key information :  42 cm (h), brass, late 19th century – mid 20th century   Used for ascertaining the proportion of alcohol present in wines and other alcoholic [...]

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